Journaling through Loss and Grief

Journal writing provides emotional and physical benefits for bereaved people, those diagnosed with terminal illness, and for their families and caregivers. Writing fosters well being, reduces stress and alleviates physical pain. Strategies for tailoring these techniques to meet the special needs of the populations mentioned above are provided.

Information covered in this 61 page e-book includes:

  • The ways in which journaling and creative writing, benefit, people with terminal illnesses, those facing the loss of loved ones, and caregivers.
  • The implications of current research and clinical evidence on writing and healing.
  • Possible reasons for client resistance to writing and develop strategies for overcoming this resistance.
  • How to create a safe climate for client writing.
  • Eleven guided writing techniques.
  • How to devise effective guided writing prompts for each of these techniques that address the unique needs of clients.
  • Appropriate strategies for using writing as an adjunct to therapy or medical treatment.
  • Facilitating the sharing of client writing.

The Author :

Kay Marie Porterfield, M.A. earned her Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Counseling from Arizona State University. A professional author for over 25 years, she is the author of 14 books including, Violent Voices: 12 Steps to Freedom from Emotional and Verbal Abuse, Keeping Promises: The Challenge of a Sober Parent, What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Relationship Like This? Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities and Straight Talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She taught psychology at the college level and has facilitated writing for personal growth and healing groups for 20 years.