Kay Marie Porterfield: Literary Publications

Kay Marie Porterfield’s personal essays have been published in:

  • The Sun, “Spilled Milk”,1991; (Anthologized in The Next Parish Over: Irish-American Writers on the Catholic Experience, New Rivers Press, 1993, and Catholic Girls, Penguin Books, 1992); 1992
  • The Sun, “Perpetual Motion”, 1999;
  • The Sun, “Wild Things, “1999;
  • Farmers’ Market, “The Music of Angels,” 1994;
  • The MacGuffin, “The Lay of the Land”, 1993;
  • Anna’s House: The Journal of Everyday Life, “One Day of Killing Indifference”,1992

Her short stories have been published in When the Black Lotus Blooms, Unnameable Press, 1990 and in Redbook.

Her poetry has been published in South Dakota Review, Delirium, Samisdat, Zeitgeist, Riverrun, Broomstick, Poetry Only, Blue Light Review, and Sufi: A Journal of Sufism.