Kay Marie Porterfield: Work Experience

  • Journalist; Indian Country Today, Rapid City, South Dakota
    (1995 – 1998)
    Developed and wrote 7 to 12 newspaper features and news articles per week covering American Indian issues.
    Read sample articles.
  • Adjunct Faculty; Oglala Lakota College, He Sapa Center; Rapid City, South Dakota
    (1998 to 2000)
    Taught undergraduate English and Psychology classes; advised student organization newspaper staff
  • Adult Education Instructor; Career Learning Center Community Education; Rapid City, South Dakota
    (2000 to 2001)
    Taught adult education classes
  • Adjunct English and Journalism Instructor, Metropolitan State College; Denver, Colorado
    (1988 – 1991, 1994 – 1995)
    Taught lower division and upper division Freshman English, Journalism and Creative writing classes
  • Writing Center Tutor, Metropolitan State College; Denver, Colorado
    (1994 – 1995)
    Worked one on one with students to improve writing skills
  • Writing Assessment Grader, Metropolitan State College
    (1990, 1991, 1994)
    Evaluated freshman placement essays
  • Adjunct English Lecturer, Arapahoe Community College; Littleton, Colorado
    (1989 – 1992, 2001 – 2002))
    Taught freshman English to both traditional and non-traditional students including a number of ESL students
  • High School Teacher, Englewood High School; Englewood, Colorado
    (1986 – 1988)
    Taught tenth grade English and Career Skills Started publication of a literary magazine containing student writing
  • High School Teacher, Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School; Englewood, Colorado
    (1988 – 1989)
    Taught basic English skills Advised student newspaper staff
  • Instructor, Colorado Free University; Denver, Colorado
    (1985 – 1993, 2001)
    Taught creative writing courses, as well as business writing, public relations, and personal growth classes
  • Patient Simulator, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center; Denver, Colorado
    (1987 – 1993)
    Sensitized first- and third-year medical students in doctor/patient relations and mental health issues including alcoholism, anxiety disorders, domestic violence and bi-polar disorder Subcontracted to provide feedback to physicians whose licenses had been revoked by the State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Middle School Teacher, Kent Country Day School; Denver, Colorado
    Taught seventh and eighth grade remedial English Started and advised middle school newspaper
  • Phoenix Union High School; Phoenix, Arizona
    (1974 – 1976)
    Taught Journalism and advised student newspaper Served as building Human Relations Coordinator