Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities

Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities

by Kay Marie Porterfield


st_ld_25“All my life I’d heard how smart I was. That compliment always came right before the bad news that made it clear just how backward I really was. “‘You’re such a smart girl, I don’t know why you can’t learn to tell time or learn the difference between b and p or don’t know left from right or can’t learn to write cursive. You’re so scatterbrained! What’s wrong with you?’”


  • Learning Disabilities: A Hidden Problem
  • LD: What It Is and Why It Happens
  • The Emotional Impact of Learning Disabilities
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Learning Disability Rights
  • School Skills: Learning How to Learn
  • Learning to Live with LD
  • Rising to the LD Challenge
  • Where to Find Help

“An informative and sensitive coverage of learning disabilities by a woman who remembers vividly what it was like to be an intelligent child who ‘just didn’t try hard enough.’”

School Library Journal


“The author’s own experience with a learning disability is poignantly described in the preface, adding resonance to her subject. Her talent for organizing information has produced an accessible book, but more than that, she offers reassurance.”


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