Journal Writing Links

linksInspired to Journal

Nan Fischer, a self-confessed “writin’ fool,” started this site to turn visitors on to journaling. New articles are posted every week or so. These are on topics from writing exercises and blogging to journal jars and writing about painging. The links page is full of reviewed sites.

LDS Writers

Webmaster, Ryan Orrock, has done a fantastic job collecting links for this site. He has posted a number of journal writing and writing exercise sites, as well as sites that focus on other types of writing.

Soulful Living, a Monthly Oasis of Healing and Joy

This monthly ezine features a column about journaling written by Kay Adams. Her archived columns include Unseen Companions, Families Writing, A Synchronicity Journal, Dream Journals Working with Affirmations and many more. This site also features a monthly open journal where visitors post entries. The April 2000 issue, which is also archived on the site, has many excellent articles on writing and healing.

Conversations Within, Journal Writing and Inner Dialog

A free online workshop by Gerry Starnes helps visitors open the door to their inner wisdom. This is a good basic resource for learning about inner dialog as a journaling technique.

Journal for You

This site contains many interesting articles including, Writer Wellness, Vacation Journals, Four Tips to Help You Overcome Journaler’s Block, and several more.

Spiritual Journaling

Carol Anne Martzinek’s pages are devoted to working with the book, Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest by Christina Baldwin. The site also has a chat room, links and articles about this book.

This site contains prompts, directories, resources, links and the largest list of on-line journals available. It also has information about how to become an on-line diarist.

Journal Writers

Many tips for journal writing are featured on this site, including well written and useful articles and links to other sites.

Writing the Journey

A free on-line writing workshop, this site is rich with content, covering concepts of journal writing, exercises and articles. It also offers a free monthly newsletter.

New Life Stories: Journaling Beneath the Surface

Visual journaling prompts, tips for those who love to write and those who hate to write are posted on this site by Ellen Moore. She sends out a monthly email newsletter.

Open Directory List of Journal Links

This site lists an abundance of links to sites covering both online and paper journaling.