Website Weaves Healing Circle of Love

Jane Mullikin has created two ambitious websites – and Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe. Certain that webmastering is her destiny, she has built a strong community around her sites. Just like her websites, the story of how she came to build them is an inspiration. She is living proof that webmastering is not only a creative art – it is a healing one. Here is her story.

How Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe Came to Be

spiritI am by nature a competitive, ambitious, never-quite-satisfied personality. My childhood was lonely even though I was the third of five children. Every possible moment was spent in church and I learned to fear God. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand loving Him. When I was 15, I received a spiritual message. It was loud and clear, “Stay apart.” Someone who is 15, lonely, craving popularity and acknowledgement, cannot imagine a worse scenario for the future than being alone. I ran in the opposite direction.

After doing it “My Way” (that was not only Frank Sinatra’s theme song) for many years, I reached bottom. Along the way I had been allowed many physical adventures and many physical successes. I had tasted popularity, achievement, acknowledgement, only to have it leave an emptiness within. The more I strove to achieve, the less satisfied I became and the more I wanted, till I reached too high and everything crashed. I climbed again and it crashed again. The second time my life was in jeopardy and I could not find my way out.

One day a presence visited me and reassured me that everything was okay.

Two days later my husband deserted me by the side of the road hundreds of miles from home…just me and my dog and $30 in my pocket. I had a choice at the moment of crisis. I could have begged or I could just stand there and let happen what was going to happen. The reassuring presence swept across me and I just stood there and let it happen.

With the love and support of my grown children, I started over.

I have finally found peace and joy and contentment. I no longer do it “My Way”. I consult with God about everything. He is my best friend. I talk to Him all the time. He found me a job in the beginning and when he wanted me to learn about the web, he put stumbling blocks into that job and moved me to a place where I would be introduced to the web. He went with me on every job interview in the new location and found me a job that provides a living adequate for supporting the websites (and me and the dog) and is an interesting position.

Spirit came first. Spirit was learning the web and self-healing. I was still coming out of hell at that point in time.

Spiritual Sisters arose out of the acquaintances I made on the web
who were all working toward a better space.

This website has dedicated itself to creating links to other quality sites through thought-provoking messages on the message board, through supportive articles on the site – always creating links to the author. This causes the Search Engine Spiders to move from this site to the linked site and raises their search engine presence. It will be raised even higher if the spider finds a link back to Spiritual Sisters so that the spider moves in a circle.

Those who frequent all the websites such as Spiritual Sisters know that we can enhance or diminish the space within which we live. We have discovered certain clues to the secrets of a fulfilled life.

spiritWe are all traveling the path toward inner fulfillment, the path of peace, joy and tranquility. Because we travel this path, we become more loving and more willing to share our discoveries of a better place, a better space, a better life attainable for all who deeply desire it.

I am awed by the enormous number of websites giving answers for questions yet unasked, offering help where help is not yet requested. I believe we make a difference. I believe we can make a greater difference in diffusing the pain around us as it continues to increase and more turn to seek a better way to live.

The difference we can make is love.

We can determinedly move forward in our love of ourselves and of our fellow travelers, always ready to welcome newcomers. The Internet has provided this vehicle which we are using to encourage each other along the journey for we have all learned how important it is to be positively re-enforced as we must continually rise above life’s unending obstacles.

I believe we can enlarge our presence by uniting through the search engines. Spiritual Sisters has carefully followed the Search Engine algorithims in order to build presence in the search engines. Many others have done this as well and have gained prominence in the search results. I am saddened when I find a beautifully enriching site that has minimal search engine presence. We need to all link to each other in order to elevate our mutual presence and be found by those who seek us.

If you have a site that is working to encourage others, I want to know about it. I want to link to it. I want to put it in the SpiritualSisters Cafe Au Link. You have to let me know. If you, in turn, will link back to SpiritualSisters, we will have another circle of love.

Circles…Circles of Love…Let us create infinite circles of love.

Jane Mullikin

Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe