Creativity and Healing Links

linksDomestic Violence and Music Therapy

This site examines the power of using popular music as a way for people to express their feelings. It includes esamples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, a therapeutic rock band.

By a Thread: A Quilted Journey Through Depression

Artist, Kathy Holcomb, has created an online version of her quilt exhibit that was shown at the Women’s Museum in San Diego. She writes about her work,”This was no planned project. I didn’t set out to create a set of “emotion quilts.” Rather, one by one, I had to make them. In periods of anguish, overwhelmed by feelings I neither controlled nor understood, when the only way out seemed to be self-destruction, I found relief by creating with fabric.” Not only are the quilts powerfully beautiful and moving, Holcomb shares insights into her creative process. This is a must-visit site.

Writing/Art for the Disabled at Suite

Karen Wynn hosts this site that contains articles, links and a discussion. Articles cover a number of topics including writing, color exercises and working with the senses. She writes, “Many people with disabilities have special talents that they neglect due to society views. People with disabilities often are angry or depressed. Writing and Art can be postive feelings that express anger and depression. The negative energy can be transformed into a positive energy with writing and art.”

The Narrative and Healing pages at LitSite Alaska

These pages feature articles including an Introduction to Narrative and Healing, Using Stories for Growth and Healing, Writing as an Adjunct to Medical Therapy, Writing, Emotions and Memory and Narrative Medicine. Two healing Narratives are also posted here.

Autobiography and Therapeutic Healing

This section of Linda Joy Meyer’s Memoir Site contains a general article on autobiography and healing, one on writing about abuse and trauma and one called Fear and Faith, an Example of the Healing Power of Autobiographical Writing.

Arts as a Healing Force

The goal of this site is to immerse visitors in the field of art and healing. This includes storytelling, poetry, music, dance, visual arts, painting, sculpture – everything that is usually thought of as creativity. Say the creators of these pages,”We believe that art and healing are joining together to become one. As art and healing merge, the field of art will be changed and the field of medicine will be changed.” Some of the sections include How Art Heals, Hospitals, Artists, the History of Using Art to Heal and Medicine Wheels as a Form of Healing art.

Survivors Art Foundation

This foundation’s mission is to mainstream trauma survivors with physical or mental disabilities into the arts. Seven artists who have survived trauma are featured. The site also has good links to arts organizations and resources for survivors. The foundation sells beautiful cards by trauma survivors on their site, including a condolence card specific to the September 11, tragedy.

Arts Medicine International

This organization fosters interaction between artists and health care professionals. Their page contains many good arts and medicine links.

Healing With Art

This article by Arlene Green presents a good summary of how self-expression through art is therapeutic. It is posted on the Wellness eJournal at Complementary Wellness, a site, devoted to complimentary medical practices.

Everyday Warriors

Everyday Warriors is a gathering place for adults, teens and kids who battle chronic illnesses or physical challenges. It also offers support for parents of sick or physically challenged kids, caregivers, family and friends. In addition to articles, columns and fiction about chronic illness, this site has information not only on visual arts, dance, music, writing, photography and music, but on crafts, gardening and cooking, as well. This is an upbeat site with great practical info.

Literature, Arts and Medicine Database

This multi-institutional project reviews music, videos and books that speak to medicine and the humanities. This is a good resource for finding material to use as a trigger for your written or artistic response or to read in order to find out how others have responded artistically to illness.

The Soul Food Café

Run by Heather Blakey, this site features a section on writing as creative medicine, one on muses, and one on reclaiming the imagination through creative arts. Of special interest is Peeling the Onion, pages on the arts and healing. This site is filled with useful and inspirational information.

Expressive Therapies

This page posted on the Lesley University site has links to eleven programs that display art by people facing challenges such as cancer, psychiatric illnesses, trauma and homelessness. There are also links to professional expressive arts therapy organizations. (Lesley offers a degree program in Expressive Arts Therapy.)

The Healing Power of the Arts

This site funded by the Colorado Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts is a compendium of annotated and rated links to many sites dealing with art and healing both the body and the mind, as well as the spirit and the planet. Links include sites dealing with blindness, hearing impairment and other disabilities.