Doll Making as a Spiritual Journey Part Four

Guardian Angel:

Guardian Angel was birthed over the course of several months. First I made his tunic, and for weeks I didn’t know who would fill it. His head emerged beneath my fingers and a month later, his inner wings. Next thing I knew, he was demanding arms and legs and hands and feet. I argued with him that I didn’t do hands and feet, but he insisted. Once I sat down with my ball of clay, I was astonished to discover they weren’t that hard to make. The message of Guardian angel is that, even when it comes to technique, the spirit of the doll can take over the creation process.

Fairy Godmother:

Fairy Godmother’s face seemed to shape itself while I was watching an episode Law & Order. When I saw it, I knew it belonged to a protective figure. She needed a body, so I drove to the 24 hour Wal-Mart and bought a spool of wire. Once I’d shaped an armature, I wrapped it with quilt batting and strips of knit material that I found in the back of my closet. Godmother is a protector, but like the other dolls, she also is a teacher. This down-to-earth spirit’s lesson is embodiment.


Transformation is a whimsical trickster that fluttered into my life when I least expected her. Her message to me is that change is not the exception to the rule – it IS the rule. To make Transformation’s wings, I painted Tyvek cut from envelopes and heated it. Tyvek curls and wrinkles with a mind of its own. Transformation’s fluttering wings showed me that in order to create, I must loosen my grip on the illusion of control.

Eos Bringing in the Dawn:

Eos Bringing the Dawn caught me unaware. I’d played with painting a worn sheet. When it had dried, I found myself shaping a face, hands and feet. My fingers continued to glue and stitch, but my mind was in a meditative state. Three hours later Eos had fully taken form. A mystifying sensation of déjà vu swept over me when I looked at her and realized that I recognized her. She is a symbol of beauty and the transforming fire, but she is also more than a symbol. Her teaching is that, no matter how simple our materials or humble our skills, the doll making journey can be a mystical journey to the sacred center – when we open ourselves and allow spirit and the figures to lead.