Straight Talk About Divorce

st_divorce_25 (1)Do your parents fight or argue? Do you think their relationship may be “on the rocks”? What would happen if they got a divorce? How would you handle it if they did?

Straight Talk about Divorce by Kay Marie Porterfield provides young adults with a concise, up-to-date information about how to cope with their parents’ divorce and its aftermath.

Contents - Straight Talk about Divorce

  • Facing the Facts about Divorce
  • Surviving the Stress
  • Feeling and Dealing with Emotions
  • Meeting the Challenges
  • Coping with Special Problems
  • Living Happily Ever After
  • Where to Find Help

“Information is sophisticated and clearly stated.” Reference and Research Book News

Book Excerpts:

Coping with Anger about Divorcing Parents

Positive Ways to Cope with Stress