Straight Talk About Cults

st_cult_50Straight Talk About Cults provides the balanced and factual information young readers need to recognize cults and protect themselves against the damage these groups can do. From the cults of ancient times to the Branch Davidians and Jonestown, this book explores how and why cults form, how they recruit new members and how they keep them emotionally imprisoned.

“…the most complete examination of [cults'] special appeal for teens and their social and psychological effect on them… offers readers excellent advice on dealing with the challenges posed by these groups.” –¬†School Library Journal

“…fascinating reading that may also help teenagers recognize cults (and avoid them).” –¬†Kirkus

Topics covered include:


  • Cults–No Simple Truth
  • Cults Then and Now
  • Who Joins Cults?
  • Selling Salvation
  • Life Inside a Damaging Cult
  • Take Me to Your Leader: Cult Leaders
  • Getting Out
  • Resisting Cult Involvement
  • Where to Go for Help


Book Excerpts:
Teenagers and Cults
Resisting Cults