Nurturing Your Creative Spirit: Giving Inner Peace a Chance

wildflowers3The mindful, daily practice of creativity helps us to focus and still our fears in these uncertain times when confusion and chaos seem to assault us from every direction. Creative practice reveals fresh perspectives, renews our hope and helps us find the courage to continue in the midst of world turmoil and uncertainty.

Only when we have taken the time and energy to calm and center ourselves, can we act in creative and positive ways to transform the world around us. When we operate from anger and fear, we become part of the problem instead of the solution.

Feed Your Spirit:

Attend to the beauty and joy in the ordinary. Notice the buds slowly and growing on the trees in the midst of winter. Listen to the morning chorus of the birds. Hear the sound of children laughing. Take yourself to see a life affirming movie or play. Gather the books that have inspired you and dip into them. Plant a bulb in a pot and put it in your window.

Honor Your Body:

Rest. Eat nourishing food. Walk, swim or work out. Ground yourself by going barefoot in the house. Wear comfortable clothing. Get a massage. Give a massage.

Find Your Center:

Meditate. Breathe deeply and celebrate your breath. Count your blessings. Clean the clutter from your house. Clean the clutter from your mind. Just for one day, forget to turn on the news. Honor the Light within you. Pray. Think love; feel love; be love. Practice silence. Listen to the small, still voice within.

Go With the Flow:

Create from that center. Take at least 15 minutes a day to dance, sew, write, sing, throw pots, bake bread, draw, paint, write, collage or knit. Lose your fearful ego self in the sound of your pen moving across the paper, the feel of wet clay in your hands or the sight of vibrant colors of paints or pigment sticks. Give your ego a going away party. Be in the moment. Rediscover your strong, centered, spiritual self. As you work, become a conduit for Divine grace.

Make Connections:

Love the people in front of you. Create with them. Empower them. Do a kindness for a stranger without expecting that the favor will be returned. Smile at someone you don’t know. Hug someone you do. Nurture another person’s creative spirit. Look for the Inner Light in everyone you see. Reconcile your differences.

Act from the Deeper Truth:

Let your own Light shine. Make choices based on your inner wisdom. Act rather than react. Offer creative solutions. Share what your creative practice has taught you about ambiguity, chaos, faith and trust. Trust.