Shrines that are Dolls

Shrines that are Dolls
by Barb Kobe

Shrines that are dolls are vessels that represent holy places in a studio or home. They are a reminder to be conscious about taking care of self or respecting inner work.

kobeA shrine can be a place to make an offering, a pray, play and experience joy, express gratitude, ask for help, or an acknowledgment and validation. Setting a focus and intention helps in clarifying a sense of personal direction and present moment needs. This focus/intention gives the shrine power; it becomes a symbolic vehicle that acts as a clarifying tool. This vehicle (shrine) has visual, symbolic, and energetic attributes. The symbols used on, about and within the doll shrine increase the intention creating an additional reminder of awareness, prayer and gratitude.

The creative process from inspiration to completion sets the energy of change in motion. Once the Doll Shrine is completed one can interact with it by placing it next to lit candles and burning incense, like an altar. Affirmations can be written on paper and placed in a nook or opening in the doll. Medicine pouches containing special herbs, stones or talisman on the doll with written wishes can be hung from the doll.

Creating a shrine and setting up an altar will focus energy into it, a particular kind of energy of healing and gratitude and trust. It is a way of making your personal spiritual life an integral part of your everyday life.