Creativity Links

linksArtists and Muses: The Creative Impulse

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about muses in this section of Kathleen Jenks’s Mything Links site. This site is a collection of annotated and illustrated links to mythologies, fairy Tales, folklore, sacred arts and sacred traditions. It’s a site you’ll want to bookmark.

Artist, Cathy Kano Murillo’s site is filled with wit and kitchsy projects to try that range from white sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos to altered baby books.
Another Girl at Play:Women Artists Making Creative Dreams Real

Behind every successful woman lies a tale of self-reliance, persistence, and the joy of following one’s heart. Another Girl at Play shares over twenty-five of these stories. Written by females whose artistry ranges from musician to writer to designer, their stories demonstrate how to make creative dreams real. This site also hosts a blog and sends out a monthly newsletter.
Muse: A Discussion and Newtorking Group for Creatives

Visual Artist, Amy Stacy Curtis had come up with instructions for creative people who want to start a local group where creative people can talk about their triumphs and challenges as well as putting their heads together to solve problems. Materials include how to start a group, how to maintain it and a suggested meeting format.
Artella Words and Art

Artella was recently named to Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites for Writers and is filled with free offerings and resources for creative people, including popular teleworkshops and e-courses, a monthly magazine that fosters collaborations among writers and artists, an innovative creative marketplace called The Shoppes of Artella, several lively online discussion groups, a creative bartering forum, and much more.

This site encourages visitors to live full and creative lives. Shai Coggins, the site owner has gathered articles about art, creativity and writing.

Free Your Artist

Each month Denver area novelist, Robin Owens, posts an inspiring quote about creativity and posts an exercise to free your artist. These are archived as well.

Womenfolk:On Creativity and Living in Balance

Anne Johnson has created a fantastic site that is a source of creative inspiration and information for women. Sections include Exploring Women’s Creativity, A Circle of Grandmothers, Home as Haven and Transcending Chronic Illness. A quilter, Anne also has sections on that art form.

Creativity Cafe

This site explores how creativity and technology are changing our world. “At Creativity Cafe, we live for the artist in everyone and believe creative people have the solutions to the ills of humanity…and that everyone is creative. We offer and encourage you to use this space to make your voice heard. You are a unique individual who carries a piece of the puzzle, for creating a future world that is abundant, loving and peaceful for every person on this planet.”


The Creativity Workshop

Founded and facilitated by Shelley Berc and multimedia artist Alejandro Fogel, the Creativity Workshop takes place throughout the world. Check out their Tools Section for inspiration about methods to spark your creativity.


This site contains articles including Accessing Your Creativity Guide, Begin Your Dream Project Today and the Power of Thought. Creativity quotes, a biography of Frida Kahlo, as well as books and links are also featured. Penn George, the site’s creator, also offers a free creativity newsletter.

Lost Soul Companion

Excerpts from Susan Brackney’s book, The Lost Soul’s Companion are featured on this site that explores the darker side of creativity with gentle humor. There’s a great page here titled “Things to do Instead of Killing Yourself” and sections on “Having Hope, Getting Motivated and Being Strong,” “Creative Coping” and “Living Well.” Susan also sends out a newsletter and runs a bulletin board where creative lost souls can find one another for encouragement and support.


This storytelling site contains sections on work and on hope. Run by the Fray Organization, it is dedicated to personal expression and a new kind of art. One week after the terrorist attacks, the FRAY already had posted nine thought-provoking stories by people who were there.

Creativity Websites from The Artist’s Way On-Line Cluster

This is an Artist’s Way support group run by Lucia Chambers that lists 80 plus links. It also covers creativity, the psychology of creativity, spirituality and art, organizations and personal resources.

The Painter’s Keys Resource of Art Quotations

If you’re looking for a quotation about creativity or visual art, this is the site to visit and bookmark for future reference. Robert Genn, artist and author of the book The Painter’s Keys, has assembled thousands of quotes that are organized into over 300 categories that run the gamut from Ability to Writing – with Criticisism, Color, Music, Passion, Sadness, Serendipity and more in between.

Creativity Portal

The Creativity Portal helps you to explore various activities related to arts, crafts, music and writing. Their directory is full of sites that have free tips, tutorials, articles, projects, and how-to’s to help you learn about the topic that interests you the most. General creativity sites are listed as well as those dealing with drawing, graphic design, painting, music and all types of writing. The crafts section runs the gamut from balloon art, basketry and beading to origami, scrapbooking tie dye, and woodworking.

Enchanted Mind

This site contains science, techniques, inspiration and humor. The articles by Janet Reid are both inspirational and thought-provoking. The focus is primarily on creative thinking techniques.

Tera’s Wish

Constructed by Tera Leigh, a California artist and personal coach, this site is filled with articles on creativity, art and life. The site also features a bulletin board and offers a free e-mail newsletter. Her free workshop includes 19 exercises to get your creative juices flowing from making a God box to starting a creative mentoring group.

Creativity for Life

Divided into sections covering personal creativity, creativity in the workplace and creativity tools, this site contains good articles on a variety of subjects.