Coping with Codependecy

st_codependency_50was the first book about this critical topic to be written for teenagers. Through examples, humor, and practical suggestions, author, Kay Marie Porterfield helps readers recognize codependency and recover from it.


“In the final analysis, codependency is a problem of relationships – relationship to ourselves, to other people and to the things outside of us that we compulsively try to substitute for self-love. Instead of acting from the authentic core of who we are, we live our lives based on what other people think of us. Instead of meeting our own needs, we always try to meet the needs of others. Instead of learning to love ourselves, we demand love from others. Because we feel so powerless, we manipulate and try to control their lives instead of gaining control of our own. 

To cure our codependency, we need to turn our focus on ourselves and find out who we are. We need to learn to love ourselves and to live from the inside out, meeting our own needs, and taking charge of what happens in our lives.”

Kay Marie Porterfield
Coping with Codependency

Contents: Coping with Codependency:

  • Codependent? Who, Me?
  • Will the Real Codependent Please Stand Up?
  • Codependency: What It Is and Isn’t
  • Why Codependency Happens
  • Connecting with the Kid Inside
  • Beating the Shame Game
  • Dealing with Feelings
  • Speaking Out
  • Learning to Trust
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Resources
  • Further Reading

Book Excerpts
Myths of Codependency
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