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Creative Growth and Healing

cavebear1The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside.


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  • Doll Making as a Spiritual Journey 

    At first I approached figure making tentatively. I was intimidated by the art dolls I saw on websites and in books, mystified at how people made such powerful and beautiful objects. For most of my life I used words to express my thoughts and feelings, and I was overwhelmed by the notion of turning clay into tiny hands and feet. The craft of making faces eluded me. more


  • Overcoming the Fear of Creative Risk-Taking 

    Why are our fears of creative risk-taking so strong, that our Inner Critics want to clamp the lid on just as we begin to explore areas that we haven’t touched before? more


  • Creating Mindlessly:Getting Out of Your Own Way 
    One of the biggest problems that we run into when we are creating something is that our minds get in the way. They push and shove their way around, bullying our precious imaginations from shining through. more


  • Keeping a Journal when Words Fail 

    I knew journal writing would be good for me. After all, I’d been facilitating journaling workshops for fifteen years. I’d read all the research about its power to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system, but as the days wore on I couldn’t bring myself to practice what I preached. I was a professional writer. Now words deserted me. more


  • Creating Personal Shrines
    Personal shrines serve as a way of deep journaling using images and symbols rather than words. more


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Season of Healing:


bead1webThe beaded figure I made along with the essay I wrote in response to my brother’s recent suicide was a semi-finalist in the 2004 All Dolled Up Competition. To read the essay click here.


To learn about Visual Journaling with Beginner’s Mind, a month-long, online program click here.


Our Creativity is Ancient. Paleolithic artists drew the red ochre cave bear reproduced above as early as between 32,400 and 30,340 years ago on wall in the Chauvet Cave north of what is now Marseilles, France. The paintings in this cave are the oldest known to exist. The bear is a symbol of healing, initiation, and new life in many world cultures. Learn more about these ancient drawings.

keithThese pages are dedicated to Keith Ward Porterfield (1953 – 2004) who introduced me to the Internet when only a handful of geeks knew about it. Without his help and encouragement this site would have never come to be. His music lives on in my heart.

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